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Caya for keeping control over your files

Keep control over your documents

Caya works with user-based role management. Personalise default roles to determine which individual can access what documents.

Decide what role people have with Caya document management software - not only customisable on document-level, but also on the folder - level.

Documents and folders access

The different individual accesses do not only apply to single documents, but also to folders!

Team management

Within your organisation, you can easily invite new members and assign various roles.

You always decide who gets to see what

Stay on top of your privacy. Manage individual and team access through custom rights and roles.

And that's not all...

Powerful PDF Editor

Fill out PDFs, add, separate or delete pages, comment documents and sign digitally. So simple!

Find exactly what you need

Use our smart filters and full text search to find what you need.

Integrate all your tools

Sync Caya with all your favourite tools and use your existing setup to improve your workflows.

“Caya is life changing. No more paperwork headache! Thanks to Caya and the team”

Thomas Muller

Head of Operations - WWF