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Automagic Workflows

Automate your document processes

No more repetitive tasks! By automating your processes with Caya you can leave the tedious work to us and focus on what's really important.

The best document management software to sync with all your favourite apps to improve your workflows.

Automate by following your own rules

Have documents automatically filed in the right folder - based on keyword, sender, recipient or other data. With a little automagic, you can set your Document Cockpit to autopilot and make your accounting as easy as possible.

Automatic collaboration

The manual exchange of documents between departments or with colleagues is no longer necessary. With Caya's Automagic Workflows, every document reaches the right person – automatically.

Automation meets your favorite tools

Cayas automagic doesn't stop with external software. Link your favorite tools to which we automatically upload your documents or extracted data (e.g. OneDrive or Google Drive).

And that's not all...

Powerful PDF Editor

Fill out PDFs, add, separate or delete pages, comment documents and sign digitally. So simple!

Find exactly what you need

Use our smart filters and full text search to find what you need.

Integrate all your tools

Sync Caya with all your favourite tools and use your existing setup to improve your workflows.

“Thanks to the integrations with other systems, many tasks are taken over and carried out automatically.”

Raphael Thelen

VP Finance - McMakler