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Post-Scan-Service and digital mailbox

Receive your daily mail online and get on top of your paperwork

We redirect your letter mail, digitise it and make it available in the Caya Document Cockpit. There you can organise and edit all your documents and automate your processes.

More than 20,000 users already trust Caya

How we digitise your mailbox

In 3 simple steps:

Step 1

Your letter mail arrives at Caya

Automatic forwarding of all letter mail, by a forwarding order*.

Use the address of your Caya mailbox as your receiving address.

Automatic forwarding of selected letter mail (e.g. for a department) by re-routing.

Daily collection of your mail from your premises by Caya.

Contact us for customised solutions.

*The forwarding can be set up directly in Caya.
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Step 2

Your mail gets scanned

Your mail is sorted by format, opened by machine, removed from the envelope and prepared for scanning.

Your mail is digitised in milliseconds by our production scanners.

Your mail is stored in our short-term archive and then destroyed, sent to you or transferred to our long-term archive.

*Our scanning centres are all located in Germany and ISO-certified.
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Step 3

Receive your mail online

The essential process is the delivery of your documents from the scanning centre to you. There are various options for this:

FTP server

By E-Mail

Via integrations

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Let us work our magic on your documents.

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Find the right document easily

You want to pick up the speed? Find any document in seconds, thanks to the full-text search.
Share and collaborate
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Access from anywhere via mobile app

Caya mobile App

Fill in and sign forms

Very simple, just with one click.
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Organise your documents in folders and with tags

Everything has its place and every document has a dedicated folder. You can easily find important documents, even if they were received some time ago.
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Powerful PDF editor

With Caya you additionally benefit from a full-featured PDF editor. Not only can you highlight text or sign documents, you can also split or join pages, fill in forms and insert graphics such as stamps.
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Safety made in Germany

Best OCR technology on the market

Not only better than the competition, but also GDPR-compliant.
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Full control through rights and role management

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Secure archive storage

We store your physical documents for 90 days and longer, if required.

If the subject is , share automatically with Tabea.

Focus on what really matters and let our Automagic Workflows take care of repetitive, annoying tasks. For example:
Send documents to Google Drive
Share documents with colleagues
File documents in the right folder

Connect your favorite tools with Caya

The Caya Document Cloud offers integrations with over 100 software solutions. You can simply continue to use your existing setup - Caya is compatible.

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"With the digitalisation and automated forwarding of our incoming mail, we were able to automate and optimise our downstream processes."
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Head of Operational Excellence, Getsafe

Florian Bauer

Questions? We got you

With the Caya mail scanning service, you receive your daily mail digitally. In the Caya Document Cockpit, you can manage and process your documents in one central location and automate repetitive tasks. Simple, reliable, efficient. With over 20,000 customers, Caya is the leading provider for the paperless office in Germany.

Setting up Caya is child's play and is done completely online. First select the appropriate plan + the desired scan volume and complete the booking process. After booking, you decide how the mail should be sent to Caya: Via forwarding order, Postbox address or, for example, via collection by a courier. Our digitisation experts will be happy to support you. Contact us on +49 30 200 036 981 or

We always scan all the mail we receive. We also remove staples or staplers, for example. The only documents we do not scan in full are those that need to be damaged in order to be scanned completely. In such cases, only the first page is scanned using a tripod scanner. This includes notarised documents with seals, for example.

Yes, you can add as many companies as you like as recipients in your Caya business customer account. However, please note that we do not offer separate inboxes for each company. If you would like separate inboxes, we recommend creating a separate Caya account for each company.

Yes, Caya offers integrations to over 100 other software solutions. These include accounting and HR software as well as industry software for property management, real estate management or tax consultants.

The original documents are initially stored in our short-term archive for 90 days free of charge. During this time, you can request documents at any time via immediate dispatch. On request, we can also send you all documents regularly (monthly, fortnightly, weekly) as a collective mailing or archive your documents permanently in our long-term archive.

With over 20,000 customers, Caya is the leading provider in Germany for the paperless office. Our customers include medium-sized companies such as SH Netz (operator of the electricity grid in Schleswig-Holstein), start-ups such as McMakler and non-profit organisations such as WWF Germany. There are also many self-employed entrepreneurs and small businesses. You can find testimonials about Caya on OMR Reviews (an independent B2B review platform), for example.

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Bye-bye paperwork, hello proper work.

Caya gives you the freedom to spend your time where it is needed the most and to focus on your core business. Automate your document-based processes with Caya and get on top of your paperwork.