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Caya changes the way we receive and process documents

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Founded by the creators behind Treatwell, Kreditech and Movinga, Caya develops the leading plug and play solution for small and medium-sized companies that want to digitise and automate their business processes.

Today, Caya is an eclectic group of 50 people based in the heart of Berlin and remotely all around the world, with over 20.000+ users already receiving, managing and processing their daily inbox on the Caya platform.

“Caya is a game-changer. No more paperwork headaches, we now have plenty more time to focus on what really matters thanks to Caya and the team.”
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Thomas Muller

Our culture - it's all about the people

We're more than a SaaS company, actually our values are the core of everything we do, whether it be recruitment, the development of our people, teams or products.

If we say we’re going to do something, we will

You need a reliable place to store some of your most important and confidential documents. We’ll keep them safe for you. You can take our word for it.  Others describe us as responsible, accountable, and resourceful. But we know that the proof is in the pudding. We follow the latest compliance standards and have all ISO certificates needed. A consistent, steady product is key to gain trust.

We always strive for one less click

We’re in the business to make something that’s complex and time-consuming a lot easier. We design our product, workflows and experiences to be as simple as possible. If we figure out how we can get to the same results with one less click, we’ll go for it. Because simplicity makes us all more efficient. We aim to take work off your plate, not to add to it.

We make must-do tasks nice to-do

We know document management is not on top of the list of most thrilling things to do. That’s why we aim to leave you more excited than you were when you opened our tool. Our products make you feel lighter, and our team of energetic, cheerful and optimistic people only add to that experience. We want you to have WOW and AHA moments all the time. That’s what a hint of automagic does.

Friends with everyone you know

Want to join us?

If you’d like to join a remote-first team that’s so well connected that it feels like we’re all working in the same room together, just give us a wave of your magic wand.


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Trusted by 20,000+ happy users across Europe


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Bye bye paperwork, hello proper work

By automating document workflows and letting you collaborate on everything else, Caya frees you to invest your time and energy where it matters most.