The document cockpit
that does it all

Go paperless! Caya offers software to manage, automate and collaborate on your document workflows.

Our most-loved features

Search & find
Edit & sign

Everything you need to get on top of your paperwork

Powerful PDF editor

Fill out PDF forms, add, separate or delete pages, annotate and sign digitally. Easy does it.

Find exactly what you need

Use our smart filters or the interactive search bar to find what you need.

Integrate all your tools

Sync with all your favourite apps to improve your workflow.

Top-notch OCR technology

Our Optical Character Recognition ensures accurate data extraction to automate workflows.

Rights and role management

Stay on top of your privacy. Manage individual and team access through custom rights and roles.

Easy collaboration

Invite colleagues or third parties to collaborate on documents. Assign different roles to control access.

Personalised automagic

Create your own rules to automate tedious tasks. It only takes a little automagic *poof*.

Seamless uploading

Centralise all your important documents by uploading them directly to the Document Cockpit.

Billing made easy

Get a clear overview of all incoming invoices and necessary actions - at all times and from every device.

With Caya, your digital data is always safe & secure

GDPR compliant

We’re aligned with the latest EU regulations. Personal data is properly collected, stored and documented.

Digital data protection

Our high-security server centre in Frankfurt works with ISO9001, 27001, 27017 and 27018.

Cayan lifting
Your data, your consent

We won’t share your data with anyone else - it’s yours and yours alone.

Reliable and secure movement of your data

How we protect your data: legally, physically and digitally

How to improve compliance with Caya

Find out how you can strengthen and simplify compliance in your company with Caya

Bye bye paperwork, hello proper work

By automating document workflows and letting you collaborate on everything else, Caya frees you to invest your time and energy where it matters most.